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Ten Ways to Honor Older Veterans This Veterans Day

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Few people deserve our respect and gratitude more than the brave men and women who served in the military. At Trail Ridge Home Care and our partner organization HomeCare Advocacy Network, were proud and privileged to care for older veterans and their family members – giving them the care and support they need to age safely and with dignity.

As we honor a veterans on November 11, we hope youll join us by showing appreciation for the older veteran in your life. Here are a few ideas:

1. Say thank you.”

While it seems like a small gesture, a simple, sincere thank you for your service” goes a long way. If an in-person visit isnt possible, a quick phone call or text will do.

2. Wave the flag.

Proudly display the American flag outside your home or business and help your veteran do the same.

3. Listen to their stories.

Take time to talk to your veterans about their time in the military – asking them about their favorite memories and more. Keep journals or recordings that can be shared with future generations.

4. Involve the kids.

Teach your kids, nieces, and nephews about the importance of Veteran Day – making sure they understand the important roles your loved ones played during their time in the military. If possible, bring them with you when you visit or encourage them to call or text a message of thanks.

5. Treat them to lunch.

Take them out for their favorite meal or even just a coffee. Ask them about their service and make them the center of attention.

6. Send a care package.

A personal thank you” note along with your loved ones favorite snacks is sure to be appreciated.

7. Attend a Veterans Day event.

Chances are, your community will host a parade or other events to honor area veterans. Take the whole family, including your senior loved ones so they can see how much theyre appreciated.

8. Lend a helping hand.

Offer to mow a lawn for a veteran, rake leaves, run errands, or help with household chores. These small acts of kindness often mean a lot.

9. Volunteer with a veterans organization.

Its easy to find ways you or your loved ones can give of your time and talents. Simply search veterans and military families” on

10. Donate to veterans organizations.

Several organizations, like the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Wounded Warrior Project, fill in the gaps the government cant cover when it comes to meeting the needs of senior veterans. They rely on donations to help senior veterans live happy, healthy lives, and even a small donation is well-spent.